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himalayan dog chews

As a dog owner, you sure know by now that they love to chew. Both puppies and adult dogs, even senior dogs chew. Although the degree of chewing differs from one dog to another, most people will catch their dogs gnawing on something every so often. Dog chewing can become serious and very problematic if not addressed at its first stages. Of course, you cannot fight your canine’s nature and eradicate the habit completely from its roots, but you sure can supply them with appropriate and safe items to chew on, which in turn will not only benefit your little friend’s health but will also ensure the safety of your household items and favorite possessions.

Benefits of Dog Chews

Dog chews, both in the form of toys and dog treats, are a great way to channel your pooch’s natural instinct to chew. Here are some reasons why dog chews are so beneficial.

  • Natural Habit: as mentioned before, chewing is a canine’s natural instinct and so should not be discouraged or punished. Instead, it should be channeled in the right way to eliminate room for aggressive chewing or other forms of erratic behavior. Dog chews are a great way to do that because they are fun (chew toys) and healthy (chew treats).
  • Mental Stimulation: dogs need mental exercise as much as they need physical. Chewing is a surprisingly great way to keep your canine’s mind active because the act of chewing itself calls for a lot of brainpower and concentration. So, instead of having your work hard on ripping off your expensive shoes or table legs, it is better to let him utilize his energy on a chewy treat or toy. Offering the right chewing outlets will benefit everyone, but most importantly your puppy.
  • Oral Health: chewing stimulates saliva production, which in turn boosts their dental health. It also strengthens jaw muscles, removes tartar and plaque and minimizes the discomfort and pain of a teething puppy. Moreover, it smoothes the teeth and keeps periodontal disease at bay. Tooth and gum disease are becoming very common in dogs today, so ensuring their health is important.

Some dogs chews are formulated with teeth-whitening agents that help get rid of deposited films of plaque that may lead to discolored and yellow teeth.

Dental dog chews come in a number of shapes of textures and sizes, but the one thing that is common in most of them is their hard surface, which helps prevent plaque buildup.

himalayan dog chews

Himalayan Dog Chew

The Himalayan Dog Chews All Natural Chews originated from a very old recipe of a hard cheese snack enjoyed by the people of the Himalayas. This cheese snack was made using traditional cow and /or yak milk, and other all-natural ingredients with zero binding agents and preservatives.

These dog chews are gluten-free and of course, manufactured from 100% natural products and no additives. Depending on the eating habits and size of your dog, the Himalayan dog chews can be a very tasty and long-lasting option. Your mutt must be ready to chew on the treat for hours, before small parts of the treats will begin to be slowly chewed off. When you offer this treat to your dog, you can be rest assured that you are providing them with all natural, top quality eating entertainment.

Another great feature of the Himalayan Dog Chews is that they can be used after your dog has enjoyed the chew. Take the last piece away and put it in the microwave for about 45 to 50 seconds. Then cool down for about 2 minutes. After the cheese has puffed and then cooled down, give it back to your dog.

Ingredients Used:

  • Yak Milk
  • Cow milk
  • Lime Juice
  • Salt

Nutritional Facts

  • Crude Protein 52.8%
  • Crude fat 0.9%
  • Moisture Max 10.2%
  • Ash Max 6%

Himalayan Dog Chew Products

  • HDC Blue- this dog chew is recommended for dogs under 15 lbs.
  • HDC Green- recommended for dogs weighing under 35 lbs
  • HDC Red- recommended for dogs under 55 lbs
  • HDC Yellow- recommended for dogs weighing under 65 lbs
  • HDC Gray- recommended for dogs weighing under 70 lbs
  • HDC Big Dog- best for dogs weighing 70 lbs
  • HDC Seasoning- a grainy powder made from the grainy powder of Himalayan Dog Chew, which you can sprinkle on any cat or dog foods.

Going up in size is not a problem and completely fine. However, it is not suggested that you give your dog a smaller size than the recommended weight classification as it result in potential blockage issues or choking hazards. If your canine has a large jaw and mouth (like Pit Bull) or is an aggressive chewer then it is suggested to size up.

If you fear that your dog will swallow the whole product or a large chunk at a time, then it should be taken away or can be reintroduced sometime later if suitable. In reality, the company recommends that you supervise your dogs at all times after giving her any treat or toy not just dog chews.

Some dogs, regardless of their breed, will fail to tolerate the Himalayans Dog Chews, in some instances; their stomachs may be quite sensitive to lactose even though there is insufficient amount remaining, just like humans. Finally, dog owners are aware of their canines’ limitations with various types of food.

Other potential problems that could arise include but are not restricted to indigestion, choking, breakage and blockage of teeth.

FAQs about Himalayan Dog Chews

What Happens If Your Dog Swallows A Large Or Sharp Piece Of A Dog Chew?

The majority of dogs digest pieces of HDC when they swallow them. If the swallowed piece is too big, it can result in throwing up of the contents or result in a possible blockage as the piece will not have sufficient time in the digestive tract to be able to properly break down before it should be discharged one way or another.

Some pieces, although small, may be sharp and can therefore cause issues. Therefore, it is important that you check if your dog hasn’t chewed off pieces that have developed sharp edges. Keep a close eye on your dog for behavioral changes and conditions like lack of drinking and eating, vomiting and lack of bowel movements.

What is The Nutritional Content of HDCs?

The Himalayans Dog Chews contains a sodium content of 0.2%. It is added to improve the flavor, not for the flavor itself. The lactose and fat are removed in the process of manufacturing the dog chews, and what remains behind is a very meager amount of fat, which is equivalent to around 0.9% per chew and lactose equaling to 0.2% per chew. Calorie per HDC product is as follows:

  • Small-sized bag-around 3 inches long and ½ inches thick- (for dogs weighing less than 15 lbs) – 359 calories per package – Contains 3 to 5 pieces, 3.5 oz.
  • Medium-sized bag- around 4.5 inches long and ¾ inches thick- (for dogs weighing under 35 lbs) – 256 calories per package – Contains 1 piece of dog chews, 2.5 oz
  • Large-sized bag- around 5.5 inches long ¾ thick -(for dogs weighing under 55 lbs) – 359 calories per package – Contains 1 piece of dog chews, 3.5 oz
  • Extra Large-sized bag- around 6 inches long and 1 inch thick – (for dogs weighing under 70 lbs) – 614 calories per package – Contains 1 piece of dog chews, 6 oz
  • Big Dog- around 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick – (for dogs weighing 65 lbs or more)- 837 calories per package- Contains 1 piece of dog chews, 7.5 oz
  • Mixed – sizes vary between medium to extra large(for dogs weighing under 65 lbs) – 1,179 calories per package- Contains 3 pieces of dog chews, 11.5 oz

How Much Do Himalayan Dog Chews Cost?

On Amazon, you can buy your dog this delicious treat at the following prices.

  • Small-size bag: $14.68
  • Medium-size bag: $7.45
  • Large-size 3.3 oz single bag: $5.69
  • Extra Large-sized bag: $16.28
  • 2 Pack: $43.99

Benefits of Himalayan Dog Chews

  • Himalayan Chews are all natural, healthy and long-lasting dog chews made of a very hard cheese. Dogs of all sizes and ages can enjoy these great, special dog chew treats for the longest time.
  • These chews are digestible, long lasting and made from cheese that is hard but not too hard- making it perfect as a snack. It is odorless, consists of 100% natural ingredients, non-staining and very healthy. When your dog is chewing the treat, it will smell like smoked cheese and last for a very long time so your dog can make the most of the fun snacking time.
  • The HDC are very nutritious and healthy. This is because milk is usually hard for dogs to digest but once it is made into the form of a cheese, it can be easily digested. Only around 10% of dogs experience gas or loose stool after consuming these chews and that too resolves within a short period. Moreover, the salt and fat levels are also very meager whereas the protein level is high.
  • Himalaya chews are safe- because the chews are easily digestible; you do not have to worry even if your dog gulps down large pieces of the product. However, it is suggested that you keep an eye on your dog for the first 15 minutes after been offered any products.
  • The Himalayan Dog Chew Company is involved in fair trade, which means yaks and cows feed on open grasslands, and are never given genetically modifying hormones, chemicals, antibiotics or anything of the sort. Before being packaged and distributed in the United States, the Himalayan Dog Chews are thoroughly tested in US labs for its ingredients, including bacterial presence and potential bacterial growth overtime.
  • They come in a variety of sizes so no dog breed or size can miss these delicious treats.


The majority of customers expressed their satisfaction for the product; however, some were a little unsatisfied with the fact that the chews were not as long-lasting (maximum 1 hour for most). Customers were happy with the product as it helped their puppies with the habit of aggressive chewing but they were also a little dissatisfied with the high price tag especially when the product went down in just an hour or so. For some the experience was very long lasting, but for most, it wasn’t.

“Purchased this with hopes that it would be long lasting than the bully sticks and I was left very pleased with how long it took my dog to finish these dog chews. Although these chews are costly, they end up saving me money in the long haul. I also haven’t faced problems related to the health of my dog- So far, so good!”

Why Is Himalayan Dog Chews One of the Best?

Dogs of all breeds and sizes love the Himalayan Dog Chews because they are tasty, relatively long lasting and fun! The product is like candy for dog, but only healthier. More than that, once your dog is done having its fun time with the chew, you can put back the small pieces of the chews in the microwave for an airy, puffy snack that your pup can continue to enjoy for an even a longer period. Further, the Himalayan Dog Chews are:

  • Made from unique yak and/or cow milk, salt and lime juice
  • Long lasting as compared to other chews and bully sticks
  • Have a satisfying texture and that is not only tasty but also helps maintain the health of their gums and teeth
  • Can be popped back into the for an airy, puffy snack
  • 100% natural, and free of grains, preservatives, glutens and artificial flavors
  • Reasonable price


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