10+ Best Dental Chews for Dogs to Maximize Their Dental Health

dental chews for dogs

Dental health is just as critical for dogs as it is for humans. Lately if you have been avoiding the loving kisses of your canine friend because he could use a couple of breath mints then it is time you paid close attention to his dental hygiene. Luckily, there are a number of dog chews that come both in the form of edible treats and toys that will help maximize your dog’s fun time and oral health.

dental chews for dogs

The Importance of Doggie Dental Hygiene

Just like us, dogs too can become prey to halitosis, and a number of tooth and gum diseases resulting from a poor oral hygiene routine. Many people wrongly assume that it is ok and normal for dogs to have doggie breath but it really isn’t!

You should be taking care of your canine’s oral health on a regular basis and look out for signs of dental problems. Inflamed, red or swollen gums could mean that your dog might be experiencing gingivitis or gum disease. Reluctance to chew and bleeding gums are also key signs of dental problems. Loose or missing, tartar and plaque buildup are signs that your dog needs immediate assistance of a vet.

If left untreated, dental problems can become life threatening by contributing to serious health problems like kidney and liver disease. Accumulated bacteria from the decay and infection can spread from the teeth and gums into the main bloodstream and complicate things. So, never take your dog’s dental hygiene lightly.

To prevent such problems, all you need to do is implement a proper doggie oral hygiene regimen, which includes brushing his teeth regularly. Do not use human toothpaste as it can make your dog severely ill. Look out for enzymatic toothpastes that are specifically designed for dogs and are easily available on most of the local pet shops.

Another way to maintain your dog’s pretty smile is through dental chews which as mentioned above are available both in the form of toys and food. Dental chews are perhaps the easiest and most fun way of ensuring your dog’s dental health as it involves either playing or eating, two of the activities that your dog can almost never say ‘no’ to.

How Can Dental Chews Ensure the Health of Your Canine’s Canines?

The majority of canine dental problems are a result of tartar, bacteria and plaque buildup, all of which can be addressed with the simple act of chewing! According to WebMD report and many animal experts, dogs who chew a lot have a much less risk of developing plaque buildup, and some dental chews go as far as reducing plaque by 70%.

Dental chews that are long lasting are the best kinds since they encourage tons of chewing for long periods. If you combine chewy toys with chewy food, you will be able to get the best results. Plenty of dog foods create large kibbles which are anti crumbling, that produces a kind of scraping action when you dog consumes them.

Types of Dental Treats

There are a number of different kinds of dental treats that your dog can enjoy. Some of these are better at some things while others are better at other things. Listed below are the different kinds of dental dog treats you can look for in general.

Dental Chews

These comprise of different kinds of stuff, but the majority of them contain glycerin, which makes the product really chewy. Some of them taste like mint while others taste like chicken, etc.

Best Dental Chews Your Dog Needs To Try!

Blue Buffalo Dog Dental Chews

This dog chew is a great choice primarily because it very easy on the tummy as compared to the others. The ingredients included are also natural for the most part and it doesn’t contain animal byproducts, wheat, soy or corn. Instead, it includes healthy supplements like glucosamine, which great for dogs with joint problems.

Clenz A Dent Treats

These treats comprise of a special ingredient known as RF2 that has originated from vegetable and helps combat the formation of biofilm on your pet’s teeth.

Bonies 100% Natural Dental Bones

These are perhaps the best dental treats in the market since they contain 100% natural ingredients that are super healthy for your dog while maintaining their oral hygiene.


Greenies come in a unique shape of a toothbrush, so they have a better chance of cleaning your dog’s teeth. Because they are made with a combination of wheat and soy protein, your dog can digest them quite easily. The abrasive and chewier texture of the treat helps reduce the buildup of plaque. They are also low in fat and have 52% protein content required for a balanced diet.

Ora Clens Dental Hygiene Chews

This hygiene chew thoroughly cleans your dog’s teeth, prevents tartar and plaque buildup and also makes his breath smell fresher and cleaner. This product is one of dog owners’ favorites as it comes as very handy when there’s no time for brushing. These dental chews have an abrasive texture that thoroughly scrubs your dog’s teeth only to leave behind a set of clean and plaque free teeth.

Whimzees Dental Treats

These are flavored dog-dental chews that come in all fun shapes and sizes that your dog is surely going to love. Furthermore, they are made from natural ingredients that help enhance your dog’s digestion process. They are also quite delicious and come with a breath freshening and plaque removing mechanism.

Natural Balance Dental Chews

These dental chews include nice flavors like meat, duck meal and potatoes. They don’t particularly smell great to humans but to our canine friends, these chews are a treat! They are also formulated to improve breath but are not very long lasting.


There’s something about rawhide that makes all the dogs go crazy for it. Moreover, the great part about this is they are great for dogs’ teeth. Rawhides are made out of horse and cow hides and practically come in all sizes and shapes, but mostly resembles bones. They are firm to the touch, and take a very long time to chew, which makes them great for removing plaque and tartar buildup.

If you have a small dog, it can take her weeks before she’s finally through with rawhide. One thing that you should be very careful about is being with your dog when she is munching on the hide to prevent chances of her choking on the dental chew. There have been instances like that so it is better to be careful.

Dog Chew Toys

Although not eatable like dental treats, dog chew toys are a great way to keep your busy while optimizing his oral health. They are fun to play with and will ensure that your dog does not accumulate reserves of tartar and plaque.


The Kong ball and other toys are one of the most durable and best quality dog toys in the market today that can withstand your canine’s long spells of aggressive chewing.

Plaque Attackers

These products are made from firm yet chewy thermoplastic polymer that is best suited for light to averages chewers.


Gumabone is a product of Nylabone, which is a tough toy for aggressive chewers, and is a great choice if your dog chews through edible dental treat pretty quickly.

Nylabone Big Chews for Dogs

Big chews are especially designed for aggressive chewers and are therefore made from extra solid nylon and infused with different flavors that dogs enjoy the most. They are durable and vet approved, so can be rest assured that your dog is not munching onto dangerous ingredients.

Nylabone Flexibones Dental Chew Toys

These chew toys are best for puppies, infrequent chewers or canines that have a light bite. They are made from flexible and highly durable rubber that tastes terrific and lasts long so your dog can enjoy it for the longest period of time. Like other chew toys, the Nylabone Flexibones are also designed to reduce buildup of tartar and plaque and gently massage your dog’s teeth and gums for improved dental health. Because they come with flavors of real meat juice and are long lasting, these chew toys are one of the best investments you can make. Flexible and firm, they are perfect for less aggressive chewers.

Benebone Wishbone Chicken Flavor Chew

This bone-hard nylon chew toy is best suited for dogs that are aggressive chewers and/or have a strong bite. It comes with little pieces of real chicken, which really makes it a dog’s favorite chew toy. Thanks to their sturdy yet flexible structure, the chew toys are known to last much longer than eatable chews. Besides its delicious flavor, the Benebone Wishbone Chicken Flavor Chew delivers an effective tartar and plaque control mechanism while ensuring an enjoyable time for your dog. The product is not to be ingested, and is best suited for determined chewers with a medium to strong bite.


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