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Blue Nose PitBull Facts & Everything You Need to Know

The Blue Nose Pit bulls, more famously known as American pit bull terriers, are quite fascinating dogs. Unlike other terriers, their unique feature is their blue colored nose from where the name originates. While...
German Shepherd Collie Mix

German Shepherd Collie Mix – What You Need To Know About Shollies

The German Shepherd Collie mix, also known as the Collie Shepherd mix is a large mixed breed between a German shepherd parent and a Border collie parent. This post is written to help you...
German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Should You Adopt a German Shepherd Wolf Mix? Read Before Buying

German Shepherd Wolf Mixes are popular wolf dogs. As the name indicates, a wolf dog is a hybrid resulting from the cross breeding of a domestic dog and a wolf. These breeds cannot be...
Husky Golden Retriever Mix

A Beginner’s Guide to Husky Golden Retriever Mix (with PICTURES)

The Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever are both widely known breeds that are popular for their intelligence and hunting skills. When the two breeds are cross-bred, we have a puppy that is bound to...
Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute: Things To Know (2019)

Often confused with the Siberian husky, the Alaskan malamute is a large breed of domestic dog and also one of the oldest Arctic sled canines. They are heavy boned, with a deep chest, and...
Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur: Everything You Need to Know (2019)

There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. Unlike other pets including cats that simply do not care about you unless you offer them food or fish that are only active...
American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier: An Easy Going And Powerful Dog

The American Pitbull Terrier is a family and companion dog breed that was originally bred in England, Scotland and Ireland to “bait” rats, bulls and bears, and also participate in illegal dog fighting. The...
himalayan dog chews

Himalayan Dog Chews Natural Dog Treats – Because Your Dog Deserves the Best!

As a dog owner, you sure know by now that they love to chew. Both puppies and adult dogs, even senior dogs chew. Although the degree of chewing differs from one dog to another,...
pitbull toys

13 Indestructible Toys for Pit Bulls – Strong Toys for Super Dogs

Pit Bull Terrier dogs are naturally strong and aggressive and hence require toys that can withstand their strength. It is usually difficult for owners to find suitable toys that are sturdy enough to hold...
dental chews for dogs

10+ Best Dental Chews for Dogs to Maximize Their Dental Health

Dental health is just as critical for dogs as it is for humans. Lately if you have been avoiding the loving kisses of your canine friend because he could use a couple of breath...