Black Mouth Cur: Everything You Need to Know (2019)

Black Mouth Cur
Black Mouth Cur

There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. Unlike other pets including cats that simply do not care about you unless you offer them food or fish that are only active when you drop pallets in the aquarium every day; dogs serve as a best friend, guard, companion and even co-pilot. As much as we love our dogs, our dogs love us. Not only do they follow us everywhere in the house, but also like to make their way into our blankets while we sleep. Moreover, dogs sit with us on the couch and watch movies with us. Moreover, they love to ride shotgun with us. Their extremely friendly and loving nature is what makes us choose them over any other pet.

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs that you can choose from. While most of them make suitable pets, there are some that can only be kept as guard dogs and in such a case, having a license is mandatory. With so many breeds, it is quite possible that you may not have heard about a variety of other breeds. However, there is a pretty unique breed that you might have never heard of or seen before. This amazing dog is known for his built as well as a long tail – which is one of his most distinguishable characteristics.

The breed is undeniably burly, rough and muscular. It comes in a variety of coat shades including fawn, yellow, red and buckskin. Most people consider such dogs to be a mix bred, which is simply not the case. The Black Mouth is, in fact, a purebred. It not only fits in quite well with a loving and active family, but is also an amazing work dog. BM Curs also come in light and heavy coats. While the ears are medium sized, the tail is usually quite long. Moreover, these strong and bulky dogs have a deep, muscular chest. Read on to know everything about the species.

Black Mouth Cur
Black Mouth Cur


While most researchers and experts agree on the breed being related to a range of ancient Asian and European cur dogs, the exact origins still remain a mystery. However, one thing that we know for sure is that this breed was developed somewhere in southern US. And because it was originally bred for working on farms, it developed a strong and highly active body. This purebred is said to have been developed from a number of different cur breeds. This includes breeds such as the Ladner Yellow, which is from Mississippi, the breed from Texas and one from Alabama, which is also referred to as the Southern Black Mouth Cur.


The dog is said to be related to several Asian and European cur dogs that were bred for hunting and herding. The BM Cur shares a number of characteristics with the Catahoula Cur.


Since this breed was originally bred for working on farms, it requires a significant amount of energy. Therefore, these dogs need to be fed ‘large-breed’ dog food. Depending on the purpose of keeping such dogs, you need to fulfill and provide it with the right amount of energy. Their diet is usually far greater than that of smaller breeds.

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The males are usually larger and heavier than the females. While the males have a weight range of 45 to 95 lbs, the females have a weight range of 34 to 85 lbs. This immense variation is not found in most breeds and is primarily because of the genetics in the breed. They have several cur genetics, which may have caused this natural phenomenon. The weight also depends on the purpose the dog is kept for and his diet plan.


The Black Mouth Cur is an extremely intelligent and smart breed, and has the ability to figure out how to please its owner. While this is a benefit and one of the reasons to love this dog, it makes it a bit hard to train them. Therefore it is recommended to start their training from a very early stage in order to ensure hundred percent obedience and loyalty. These dogs are amongst a few breeds that need to have some kind of job or activity for most of the day. They are perfect for hunting, coursing, herding, farm-work, agility and even search rescue teams.

They are incredibly smart dogs and have the ability to learn commands quickly. However, consistency is very important in training such dogs. Also, it is recommended that the training sessions should be kept short and varied as the dog can easily get bored.


The breed was originally meant for hunting and herding as these dogs are intelligent, tenacious and fearless. They are one of the best breeds you can go for if you love hunting as they aim and kill and never retreat. Their territorial behavior and hunting instincts make them smart as well as remarkably brave. These avid hunters start training themselves for hunting at the age of six months. The dogs are rarely seen walking briskly. They either walk at a normal pace or run at great speeds. This supports the fact that they walk confidently – displaying their pride.

While being great hunters, these dogs are great herders too. They work really well with cattle and various other farm animals. With a proper diet plan, these dogs can work for several hours nonstop. Apart from this, the Curs make great family pets, but require a great deal of training from a very young age. They are extremely loyal, protective and playful. If properly trained, these dogs will pay as much respect to their owner as to the leader of their pack. They however, demand attention and time from their owners. Therefore it is essential to take your Black Mouth for daily walks. Moreover, take some time out to play with them on a regular basis.

The dogs also get along really well with children. However, since they are hunters, they do not know how to be soft and gentle with children, which is why parental supervision is strongly advised. As they might accidently and completely unintentionally harm small children, it is recommended that they are not left alone with children. In addition, their hunting instincts make them a bit of a danger towards other non-canine pets. In order to make them friendly towards other pets, they must be well trained.

Life Expectancy

While most large breed dogs have an average life expectancy of 11 to 13 years, these dogs can live up to 16 years and have an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. The more pure the breed is, the longer you can expect it to live and offer you amazing years of unmatched companionship. A longer life can also be expected if you have kept the dog active and working and have provided it with the right vaccinations and diet.


The coat of the Black Mouth Cur comes in a range of colors including yellow, red, white, fawn, etc. The smooth coat is easy to maintain and is not a major problem for people with asthma or other breathing problems. You can simply brush the coat every once in a while to make it smoother and to remove dead and loose hairs.

Exercise Requirements

This large breed dog is bred for various purposes. Hence, it is compulsory for the dog to be extremely active. It needs to be walked everyday and requires significant outdoor space where it can run and play. Your dog has to be kept both active and engaged in any kind of activity or else there is chance that the he might develop behavioral or development issues.


Black Mouth Cur puppies are immensely cute and fun to play with and are usually born with an average litter size of between 3 and 9. The puppies must be trained and socialized as early training makes it easier for both the dog and the owner to build a great companionship. It will also help you make your dog friendly and loving towards your children and other pets.

Health Issues

Black Mouth Cur dogs are usually very healthy and are considered to be quite resistant to various health issues due to their massive diet and active routine. But there are a few health problems that most Black Mouth Cur dogs can face. These problems include eye infections, mange, skeletal issues, ear infection and epilepsy.

So, if you a dog lover and are looking for an active and playful breed to keep as a pet or for any other purposes, you might want to consider Black Mouth Cur. They will surely add joy and a pinch of fatigue in your life. Their companionship is one of the best any one can ever get from a dog. Black Mouth Curs are highly active and intelligent. Moreover, they can also become loyal and fierce guard dogs. Therefore, your Cur will not only act as your best friend, but also a fearless bodyguard that no one would be willing to mess with.


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