13 Indestructible Toys for Pit Bulls – Strong Toys for Super Dogs

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Pit Bull Terrier dogs are naturally strong and aggressive and hence require toys that can withstand their strength. It is usually difficult for owners to find suitable toys that are sturdy enough to hold up to the dog. Most pit bulls are quite fussy when it comes to toys; they want just the right shape, size and texture or they will not have anything to do with it.

Purchasing the right toys for your pit bull might get expensive, but they will often help prevent your belongings from being chewed up. Here we will look at some of the best indestructible and durable toys for the aggressive pit bull in your life.

Since pit bulls prefer playing with their toys rather snuggling with them, you need to look for a material that is firm and well-built. Rubber is a pretty solid material capable of resisting even the most enthusiastic pit bull. You can choose from a variety of rubber toys including a simple stick to a ball full of treats, depending on your dog’s preference.

A basic chewy rubber-made toy stuffed with peanut butter or bacon bits will be irresistible to your dog. Addition of smell and taste to a toy makes it all the more appealing. Since rubber toys usually lack texture, they can soon lose their appeal.

Rope is another excellent toy material for Pit Bulls. A thick knot, although simple, provides an endless chew toy for your dog to play around with. It is strong and has a texture that is naturally appealing to dogs since it allows getting their teeth around. Rope toys also come with an additional benefit of improving your dog’s improved dental health since the material has an abrasive effect on the teeth which helps remove plaque and tartar buildup while your pooch enjoys himself.

Furthermore, rope is absorbent and softer as compared to other materials like rubber, which facilitates taking on various scents. The blast of these smells from an older rope toy is sufficient to excite any dog during playtime. The majority of rope toys is washable and so can be reused when they start to stink.

Dog dental toys are created especially to ensure your pup’s oral health. Put bulls require a heavy-duty, tough dental chew in order to keep themselves entertained for long periods of time.  Any toy too soft or small will get destroyed almost immediately.

Picking out the right toy for pit bull is important for you and your dog. Not only do toys ensure the health and happiness of dogs, but also reduce stress levels, and are a great for the two of you to form a strong bond. A busy and happy dog is less likely to throw tantrums and be destructive and aggressive around the house.

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Safety Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Toy for Your Pit Bull

  • If you have a Chew-inator dog that is able to easily rip up a toy, chances are he may ingest large pieces of the material that in turn can become an intestinal blockage or choking hazard. Since pit bulls are aggressive in nature, they are likely to divert their aggression on their toys and therefore it is important that you choose a toy that is made from a durable material like rubber or rope.
  • Avoid buying toys are too small in size. This is because small toys can easily be swallowed by your Pit Bull and result in a choking hazard.
  • Even if you choose a large enough toy, make sure it doesn’t have the potential of injuring your canine. Watch out for sharp or jagged edges especially with chew toys. Jagged edges can pierce through your dog’s gum or lip and result in an infection. So go for fluid, soft edged toys such as sticks, balls and rings with circular ends.
  • Some of the dog toys especially edible chews eventually become cracked and develop jagged edges, which can prove to be harmful for your dog as they can cut your dogs lips and gums, and get stuck in his the stomach, intestines or windpipe.

pitbull toys

13 Best Toys for Your Pit Bull

1. Zogoflex Hurley

Got a pit bull that loves to swim and chew the heck out of toys? Then you could hardly find a better toy than the Zogoflex Hurley. Not only the toy is extremely strong and durable, but also floats on the water. if your dog happens to wear off one of these, the manufacturer will replace it with a new one for free. Furthermore, the toy comes in three bright neon colors which make them easy to spot on the grass.

2. Galileo Bone

Many pit bull owners prefer this dog due to its qualities like sturdiness and durability. The toy is manufactured by Nylabone, and is enough to make you feel like you have gotten your money’s worth. The same company is also known for another popular product known as the Crazy Ball, which is also super tough and designed especially for Pit Bulls.

3. Kong Flyer

Kong is a company famous for making high quality dog toys that greatly vary in shapes, colors and sizes, and may even be packed with your doggie’s favorite treats. One of such products is the Kong flyer which acts as a better substitute to Frisbees that may not be the best for big aggressive dogs like pit bulls. This flying disk is a more long-lasting alternative and much more fun for your dog. It is  comfortable and soft, and a sure way to maximize the playtime of your pooch.

4. Kyjen Squirrel Squeaker Mat

Plush toys are a great option for pit bulls. This squeaker mat is made of plush and has multiple squeakers which will give your dog more than one area to work on. And because the toy is made of plush, there is no chance that your dog will choke on the inside material when it tears the toy open, which he will.

5. Goughnuts Black Maxx Rubber Dog Ring

Although simple looking, this black ring is sturdy as a rock. The whole Goughnuts toy series is targeted towards dogs that are aggressive chewers. These dog toys are designed by polymer and mechanical engineers who have made them practically indestructible.

Furthermore, the toy’s shape makes it ideal for your pit bull to pick up, chew on and carry around in the house. It is also floatable, a bonus for pit bulls who like to take a dip in the pool once in a while. E Goughnuts products, including the Rubber Dog Ring, come with a unique built-in safety feature. The toy’s center comprises of a red material which is surrounded with a thick coat of black material. Once you start seeing signs of the red material, you know it is about time to get the toy replaced.

6. Sherpa Baby Dragon

Even though this may not be the strongest dog toy out there, the Sherpa Baby Dragon sure is a cute plush toy for an extreme chewer. What makes it so strong is its double seam and Kevlar-like material. That is probably not sufficient to prevent a dog from destroying the toys sweet inside stuffing, but it is definitely tougher than your regular plushie.

7. Dura Chew Wishbone by Nylabone

This is a toy wishbone that your aggressive pit bull won’t be snapping anytime soon. The shape of the toy is an interesting one and comes from three different prongs. Also, the mounted bristles on the surface of the toy help maintain your dog dental health by scrubbing off the plaque and tartar buildup.

8. Zogoflex Tux

This tux by West Paw is created with an extremely resistant material called the Zogoflex which will withstand your pit bulls attempts to chomp through the toy. It also makes a great option for swimmer dogs since it is floatable and also bouncy, perfect for active dogs.

9. Tuff Diamond Plate Orbee Ball by Planet Dog

Dogs absolutely love ball. However, regular balls are not made keeping in mind the intensity of sharp jaws of an extreme chewer. Although not completely unbreakable, the tuff orbee ball is perhaps the sturdiest of dog balls in the market at present day. The diamond plate specifically signifies durability. The company Planet Dog also offers a range of other tough balls like soccer ball, football and a variety of other fun and creative toys.

10. Dental Dinosaur by Nylabone

Dental toys are perfect for scrubbing your dog’s teeth clean, but a lot of them fail to endure the extreme aggression of strong dogs such as the pit bull. The Dental Dinosaur by Nylabone is specifically designed for serious chewers, which makes it great for holding up against strong dogs. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that stubborn puppies may be able to chew off tiny pieces of the dinosaur, so it is advisable that you thoroughly check the toy’s checking prior to purchasing it and periodically.

11. Romp n Roll by Jolly Pet

This is a multi-play toy that your dog can use to play fetch, tug-o-war, and so on, keeping your pup engaged for long periods of time. They ball is also floatable and can be punctured without being deflated, making it another excellent option for dogs that love water.

12. Dura Chew Bone by Nylabone

The dura chew is a simple, bone shaped toy created with nylon. Its structure is extremely firm and does not give way to teeth bites, unlike a rubber toy. Furthermore, there are ridges and grooves present that provide dental stimulation and texture, doubling the fun. The coarse surface of the toy bone helps scrub away tartar and plaque and ensures the health of the gums. The chew toy comes in a number of meaty flavors to add to the whole appeal. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, but it is advisable that you choose a slightly bigger one to avoid risk of choking.

However, unlike rubber toys, nylon toys come with a risk of splintering. For that reason, you will need to keep a close eye on your pit bull while she plays with her Dura Chew since splinters can get stuck in her digestive system or mouth and result in a number of serious health issues.  If you notice that your Pit Bull’s chew toy is starting to fall apart or has big pieces of it coming off, immediately replace the toy with a new one.

13. Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy by Benebone

Although bacon isn’t fit for canine consumption, you can still give your pit bull a taste of it with Benebone’s Bacon flavored chew wishbone toy! The product is hands down two of the top chew-resistant products in the market today, although a little pricier (just by a few dollars). It has a unique and interesting design of a wishbone and comprises of the toughest material.

The good thing about this toy is the presence of a connector between the two bones (the right and left side bones), which means that your pit bull can continue to enjoy the two bones even if he succeeds in chewing off/ripping apart/destroying the connector. The single toy will become two separate toy bones, minus the choking hazard too!

The only thing that you need to be careful about is the amount of time you let your pup chew on the toy. If you let him munch on it the entire day, the chew toy won’t last as long. Restrict the playtime with the Wishbone Chew Toy for a few hours in a day and you can expect it to last as solid 30 days.

Toys are not a luxury but a necessity for dogs. Make sure you invest in dog toys keeping in mind your pit Bull’s strength and personality, so that you do not end buying a toy that will be of no value to him, will not last as long, or result in a health problem.


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